Iris and Otto’s wedding

First dance at wedding reception

The wedding was quite an event. First there was the service at the church and then a gigantic party at a huge metal roofed palapa.

Of course Iris was gorgeous and Otto handsome in his suit.  Everyone looked beautiful. The colors of the wedding were pink and a burnt sienna gold/brown. Very nice. All the family was color coordinated, Nidia wore a dress of pink and brown, Isabel wore a brown long gown and Roberto wore a pink shirt and tie with his suit. Yeyo and Otto both had pink ties. I felt bad for the men in suits. Too hot!

Both the church and the party  decorations were very classy. Isabel is a great party organizer.

The bridesmaids ranged from around 20 down to about 4. The 4 year olds were  definitely the cutest in their long ruffled gowns, pink with brown sashes. The older girls wore short dresses the same colors.

The singer at the church was very good, she had a lovely voice and sang romantic songs.  There were 2 bands at the party plus taped music in between. The first band was a smaller group, with an accordion and guitars. The second group was Roberto’s and Otto’s banda (without Otto of course). They are a large group of brass instruments and drums.

I loved watching all the people dancing at the party, all the different styles of clothing and ways of dancing. With 600 people it was a lot to see!

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