When are the turtles hatching?

Thanks for Frank of the turtle rescue project for the following schedule of hatchings!

Box nursery, July 17th to October 20th, done.

Beach Nursery, October 20th to November 7th, half done.

Box nursery again, November 7th to January 7th.

Winter beach nursery,  January 7th to March 15th.

When conditions are too cold to release hatchlings late at night, we will once again begin releasing in a warmer environment just after sunset, perhaps in front of town.  Until then, with the change to daylight savings time and nights being longer, we have changed the release time to between 7:30 to 8:30PM.  To make arrangements to view a release, call 258-4100 or be on the beach between 7:30 to 8:30PM and flag the buggy down with a flashlight.  The release area runs anywhere from Los Olas to the rocky point on the north end of the beach.

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