Hiking to Las Lomas and other San Pancho hikes


On the road to Las Lomas

  1. Hike the jungle road: Head down the driveway and take a left at the road.  You can go a total of 3 miles from town on a dirt road with scenic views and lots of birds, maybe even a tejon. When you get to the spot where there is a sign for Clavallina, (2 private driveways with signs) turn around and head back There are good sized hills so it’s a very good workout.
  2. The Buddha loop: Take the hike describe above. When you get to Clavallina there will  be a dirt road going up hill from there. If you go up that hill (Buddha Road) you ill eventually (after passing the Buddha and yoga center construction) you will see a fork in the road. Take the right hand fork. Keep going and you will rejoin the jungle road at the end. This is an excellent (very hard) workout. But you can see how you feel when you get to Clavallina before taking on the hill.
  3. The Road to Las Lomas and Monterey Beach: Take the Buddha Loop hike (above) After you pass the Buddha and come to a fork in the road  stay left. After you pass the large water cistern stay left. You can walk along the ridge on this road all the way to Las Lomas and Monterey Beach…you can turn back at any time. There is a restaurant/resort at Monterey Beach. When you get to the coast you can choose to go to Monterey or Las Lomas.There is a farm/nursery on the road – it is quite a surprising oasis! See photo above.This is the old road to Lo De Marco before they put in the highway. You might see a car sometime. This is a very strenuous hike and can be quite long if you like. Again, lots of birds and maybe some wildlife.If you want to make the hike more manageable just drive to Clavallina and park your car there. That will save you three hilly miles.

PLEASE NOTE: The Buddha has been moved away from the road father into the yoga center property. You can still see if if you look closely  through the palms. I understand the owner had to do  for its protection.

Buddha moved back off the road for protection

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