ALTA VISTA ancient petroglyphs

Alta Vista Petroglyphs
History Carved into Stone

Hike 30 minutes into the lush jungle and heart of an archaeological site, home to over 50 petroglyphs of carvings etched into stone.
Located 45 minutes north of San Pancho near the beach town of Chacala, the site was discovered over 300 years ago but the exact date of petroglyphs is not known.

The Tecoxquines (2300-2000BC) direct ancestors of the Huichol indigenous group, are thought to have carved the symbols to communicate directly with their gods.
Huichols continue to visit this sacred site today to perform special ceremonies.

Wear a bathing suit to soak in the amazing water and to visit the beautiful beach at Chacala for lunch and a swim after your visit.

Alta Vista pertroglyphs

Alta Vista pertroglyphs

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