Mountain Biking and hiking trails – San Pancho to Sayulita

New Mountain Bike and Hiking Trail in Sayulita

By: Stacey Elkins
Jul 22, 2016
Sayulita has a new jungle trail, designed specifically for mountain bikers, hikers, and joggers. Javier Chavez, owner of Wildmex, and an avid mountain biker and adventure seeker, is behind this new and exciting development. Javier tells El Sayulero more about this new trail, the various tours he offers, and much more.
You’ve offered mountain bike tours for the last 9 years in Sayulita. Why put more time and energy into these type of tours now?
Well, Sayulita is growing and people are now coming to town for more than just surfing. We have so many mountains and so much jungle that surrounds the town. I think we should use it and make the most of it.
How long have you been working on this new Sayulita trail? Is it complete?
The current length of the trail is 3km and it took about 3 months to finish. We are currently adding another 2km, which should be finished by October. When it is done, it will be a complete 5km loop.
You offer three guided mountain bike tours in and around Sayulita. Will you tell me about these tours?
The first tour (Ride #1) is the Punta Sayulita trail. This is for beginners and is a dirt road and single track trail, meaning it is the width of one biker or hiker. The second tour (Ride #2) is Las Lomas to Sayulita and is an intermediate ride, mostly ATV and single track trail. Bikers are taken by vehicle to Las Lomas and then bike to San Pancho, check out the town, and then bike back to Sayulita. The third tour (Ride #3) is Monkey Mountain, which is all single track, going up and down the mountain. It’s steep, technical, super fun, and mostly for advanced riders.
Tell me about your hiking tours/trails.
Our hiking trails are basically the same as our mountain bike trails. But, on a hiking tour we cover a shorter distance since you can cover a lot more distance on a bike. We offer tours in the same zones, but slightly different. For Punta Sayulita we would hike approximately 1.5 hours, we’d hike San Pancho to Sayulita rather than Las Lomas to Sayulita, and we’d hike up Monkey Mountain and back down, rather than going all over the mountain.
What can you tell me about the Wildmex guides?
The guides are all passionate about hiking, biking, and nature. They are knowledgeable about plants and animals and they are trained in first aid. Also, they all speak English.
Is there also an option to rent mountain bikes and head out solo? If so, will you tell me more about this?
Yes. People have the option of renting a mountain bike by the hour or even renting it for the entire week. There are a lot of people who come and rent a bike for the week as a way to stay in shape. When people rent a bike, we loan them a phone with a GPS system that mounts on the handlebars of the bike. So, there’s no way they can get lost on the trails.

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