When are the turtles hatching?

Thanks for Frank of the turtle rescue project for the following schedule of hatchings! Box nursery, July 17th to October 20th, done. Beach Nursery, October 20th to November 7th, half done. Box nursery again, November 7th to January 7th. Winter beach nursery,  January 7th to March 15th. When conditions are too

Wonder what the weather is like in San Pancho?

Thanks to the local weather station www.sanpanchoweather.com,  not only can we check it there, but there is very detailed information now at http://www.wunderground.com/weatherstation/WXDailyHistory.asp?ID=INAYARIT2 .

Riviera Nayarit Islands Dazzle Visitors With Their Rare Wildlife

This article was taken from Riviera Nayarit Blog www.rivieranayaritblog.com.                                                            Little Known Riviera Nayarit Islands Dazzle Visitors With Their Rare Wildlife, History And Even A Hidden Beach Most often heralded for its nearly 200 miles of golden coast, Riviera Nayarit is also home to beautiful, remote islands full of wildlife

Turtle nests and this year iguanas too

n the spring of 1992 the founding members of the Grupo Ecológico de la Costa Verde, A.C. (the Group) organized and built the first marine nursery in San Francisco, Nayarit. By June of that year protection of Olive Ridley and Leatherback turtle eggs had begun. This was taken from the

What is San Pancho like?

This is taken from Erin’s blog that I saw on www.sanpanchoweather.com. ” We came to San Pancho to see our friends Victoria and Steve who raved about this tiny beach town on Mexico’s Pacific Coast. We were enticed by talk of whales and turtles, jungle covered hills and long stretches

Recent Casa Melissa reviews – a favorite San Pancho rental

I realized unless you go to www.vrbo.com/1952 or to tripadvisior.com you don’t really get a chance to see what renters are saying about Casa Melissa. So here are three of the emails I have received February/March 2013.   WOW!  What an extraordinary place you have.  We could not have enjoyed

La Patrona Polo in San Pancho

La Patrona is a restaurant at the Polo Field. You can eat dinner there most nights, but on Saturdays you can eat and watch a polo game. I went, and it was fun, but I really didn’t know the rules of the game (luckily the guy at the table next

How hot is it?

I found this interesting chart of high and low temperatures  on the www.sanpanchoweather.com website. I was surprised how cool it can get. Of course I always bring a sweater in the winter. But the weather is perfect for hiking and playing tennis. And of course swimming in the heated pool!

Birding in San Pancho

News from the non-profit birding club in San Pancho: “What is coming next season for S.P.B.O. As the freshly feathered San Pancho Bird Observatory (SPBO) fledges our team is working to bring birding in San Pancho to the next level. Weekly bilingual bird-id lectures will be offered at Entreamigos; these

Cielo Rojo – great food and great original cocktails

I am sure  you all know the Organic Bistro at  Cielo Rojo, their delicious food and their tequilla tastings and great cocktails. However you may not have heard about yet another delicious and exotic concoction – the Thai Mojito! Virtualvallarta.com recently featured Cielo Rojo’s THAI MOJITO as one of “Three